4 Crucial Web Designing Aspects to Consider for Boosting Online Sales
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Many people assume that web design is all about generating attractive looking website and it is certainly true to an extent. But, the effectiveness of a design isn’t just limited to being visually attractive; it should be search engine and user friendly and designed from the business perspective, to result in high conversion rates. There are a lot of things to consider while creating a quality website design, which is not just attractive to the viewers, but can also increase online sales.

Before you start designing or redesigning your website, consider few factors that can help you with building a profit producing website. Great design, valuable content, and on-target messaging are the standard factors for engaging your online business.

The first and most important aspect behind successful online campaign is certainly a good website design, and everything else follows next. It can make or break the game, since your website works as the platform to showcase your company’s brand image.

Should You Use a Site Template?

Templates are easy and affordable, but sometimes they can do more harm than good. Before setting the template site, check out whether it is hurting your website design. The main advantage of the template is affordability and simplicity, but sometimes disadvantages can outweigh the benefits. Having the sae or generic template like most of the sites is certainly not a good strategy. Sometimes, you may face technical challenges when you use a template website that may limit easy changes and updates.

Creating a Mobile Version of the Site

Creating two versions, one for Mac & PC users and another for mobile users can be a great idea because the number of tablet/smartphone users is growing at a rapid pace.

SEO Friendly Design

Choose a web design company that can also assist you in search engine optimization process is always a fantastic idea. Choosing the one that’s clueless about SEO can actually back-fire at times. Some important things of SEO that shouldn’t be overlooked are tags, CSS/Java script, internal linking, and sitemap creation. For the search engine to crawl your site effectively, passing many barriers, create an easy-to-navigate sitemaps and fully functioning website for both visitors and search engines. A great navigation and sitemap enabled site not only helps search engines to locate valuable content, but also assists customers to navigate through the website seamlessly.

If you receive lot of targeted traffic, then it’d definitely boost up your online sales too.

Focusing on Mobile SEO

The mobile marketing industry is growing at a steady rate and nowadays many individuals are using cell phones to search online. If consumers are looking for data on their phones, a mobile SEO strategy cannot be ignored. Its importance surely depends on the consumer demand and type of the online business, but without a doubt, the number of people surfing through mobile devices will increase in future and hence, by adopting mobile-friendly web design, you can be way ahead of the competitors. It doesn’t matter if your website is a custom-made design or template-based version for mobile users; it is very important to implement a SEO strategy for your site.

Don’t be under the wrong impression that mobile users don’t buy a lot; you’d be shocked to know that 36% of the smartphone users have now started making online purchases through their mobile phones!
In a nutshell, you need not know everything about the designing company, but you should know the effective strategies that can help your online business. If you want your web design to increase online presence, create a site that’s easy to use and one that loads quickly and allows users to navigate from one page to another quickly.

Keep the design relevant and make use of professional color schemes that suit your business.

Author Bio – Luke has been working as a design manager for a Manchester web design firm, and he has been constantly working on improving the efficiency of the organization, and quality of their designs. He constantly writes design tutorials, and tips for novice designers, as well as experienced design campaign managers.